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WELCOME PROGRAM – 3 consults


Specially designed to welcome new clients. Start the with fresh nutrition and lifestyle advice, and keep them going strong!

  • 3 appointments
  • Access to the Welcome Program hub
  • 3 lessons including 10 videos
  • Live Masterclasses with Susan for your program duration
  • 2-month expiry
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Available to new clients.

Includes 3 appointments that are supported by a welcome member hub where you’ll follow 10 video lessons and a resource library to help you understand and implement the Ayurvedic advice you’re receiving! Plus, during your 2-month program, you get access to live classes with Susan.

The first appointment: we’ll discuss your health history, current diet, and lifestyle. I’ll determine your unique Ayurvedic body-mind type through tongue, nail, digestive fire, and pulse assessment. You’ll get started on simple improvements to your nutrition & daily habits. Together we’ll create an action plan for the immediate week with effective adjustments in nutrition, stress levels and movement (yoga and exercise). We’ll also assess if any Ayurvedic treatments or herbs would be necessary for your condition.

In between consults: you’ll listen to the video lessons and have the option to do some exercises to help you improve.

The second appointment: Already you will be working on making changes, so you’re now ready to get more specific advice. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, we’ll adjust herbs if needed and we’ll start to weave in the concepts from the video lessons. 

The third appointment: we’ll turn our focus to setting you up to continue your momentum. What do you need to adjust to make sure you can carry on with the new lifestyle habits you’ve put in place? It’s super important to me that you set yourself up with the least possible chance to regress, and that you have a plan for when it becomes difficult to continue to do the self care that gave you so many benefits during the Welcome Program.

The path to health involves education. The Welcome Program is set up to give you a structured method to integrating the advices, and making those advices sustainable. It also enhances what we can get done in our consultation time together and keeps you motivated to make sustainable positive changes. That’s why I built this to help you understand how Ayurveda views your imbalances.

By the end of your program, we will determine which channels is most suitable for you, and whether continued health coaching or treatment program is advisable. 


  • Your 3 consults expire two months after attending first consultation.
  • Verzekering/Vergoeding After your final appointment in the package, you will receive a factuur with dates for your verzekering reimbursement if you need. See here for verzekering info