CLEANSE first consultation in detox program


Treatment Day to be booked after intake consultation

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  1. Intake Consultation complete health overview at least 2 weeks before your cleanse start date. Allow 75 minutes. Have you had an appointment @ Atma Ayurveda in the last 6 months? > save €100
  2. Prep Appointment to give you complete instructions on how to prepare for your cleans, and schedule treatments. Allow 45 minutes.
  3. 3 Treatment Days – Pindaswedana steaming herb bundles full body treatment. Add recommended Bliss therapies for an additional cost. First day may require Udvartana exfoliating massage, depending on your body type.
  4. Cleanse Day– on-call guidance for your at-home purgation
  5. Post-Cleanse Appointment receive instruction on the special after-cleanse diet and care. Allow 45 minutes.