Exfoliating Full Body Therapy with silk glove or herbal powders  | 75 minutes | €108 or save 50 euros on a package of 5!

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For ama conditions & weight loss.

Did you know that it is contraindicated to get a message with oil when you have ama in your body (stagnant undigested food)? Ama is a major factor in many chronic health conditions. In cases of ama, dry powder massage is substituted. Massage with special powders assists the body to eliminate these toxins. Special attention is paid to clearing blockages in meridian lines, and opening up the channels of energy & circulation. This enables the body to more effectively expel metabolic wastes, providing deep cleansing.


Remove ama (which causes: low energy, depression, indigestion, bloated belly, fatigue/weakness, heaviness, coated tongue.)  Useful in rheuma, edema, weight loss, increasing circulation & detox. Feel energized & light. Contraindications: dryness, high Vata. You may be recommended a herbal oil massage if a dry powder massage is contraindicated for your health conditions. Schedule a consultation to discover which is right for you.