Marda public workshop




4 april 10:30-13:00

My visiting teacher Dr. Marda will once again be with us in Amsterdam at the clinic, this time teaching about what Ayurveda recommends to you if you have exhausted your adrenal glands, have approached the point of burnout, or even sailed past it.

We’ll discuss:

  • The Ayurvedic approach to adrenal fatigue
  • Which doshas are really worsening the condition
  • How adrenal fatigue affects other endocrine functions incl. thyroid, women and men’s hormones
  • Home remedies and herbs for restoring balance

Join us for critical insight and home remedy tips to recover your energy and restore your adrenal glands and endocrine system back to full capacity, so you can have great energy, strength and stable moods.

Vitality Recharge members join for free!

Cost: €35