Advanced Practitioners Series with Dr. Marda




Each person is asked to contribute €80

This is to encourage Dr Marda to continue to visit and teach our group ; )

TOPIC: Advanced Clinical Practicum

As a group of dedicated practitioners, we get to request which topics we would like to study with Dr. Marda. You are welcome to make proposals & give a suggestion for next time!


There will be a break, and remember you are always welcome to bring a meal if you need-we’re casual. Soup en Zo is op de hoek 1 minuut van het praktijk. Zij hebben huisgemaakt soepen en saladen (vegetarische en bio- niet vegetarische opties).


I have successfully applied to ANVAG to get credit towards yearly points for past workshops with Dr. Marda.

For these 5 hour events, ANVAG typically awards 2 day parts.

We have to apply for approval in advance, so let me know when you register!