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Massage Abyangha


Warm Oil Type

For depletion & no-ama conditions

This is no ordinary massage. Individually selected herbal oils are massaged along meridian lines, opening up the channels of energy & circulation. This enables the body to more effectively expel metabolic wastes, providing deep cleansing and allowing nutrients into each cell.

Warm herbal oil is a luxuriant way to de-stress. The medicinal oil is quickly absorbed through the skin and penetrates deep into the tissues to provide benefits such as strengthening bone & joint health, improving sleep, increasing circulation and calming the mind.Ultimately you will feel deeply aware and deeply relaxed. This is the best state of mind for the body to heal.


Strengthen bone & joint health, improve sleep, increase circulation, detox, and de-stress. Feel deeply relaxed and energized. Contraindications: high Ama. 



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